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Company Profile

During the past years, we have worked exemplary in the industry. We have manufactured various industrial hoses, whose range has been increased in our portfolio.

Over the years, we have set-up 7 extruding lines. These units have a combined monthly production capacity of 500 thousand meters of hoses, wherein the size range is 1 mm to 50 mm. We also have 850 sq. mt. of floor area wherein latest equipment and control instruments are installed.

We have also established an in-house lab wherein all the hoses are tested according to the IS and ISO standards.


To sustain our credibility in the competitive market, we - Ascent India have established a modern infrastructure in Bawana, Delhi. Herein, a series of branded and efficient machines are installed to manufacture avant-garde polyvinyl chloride braided hoses,Air Pressure Hose and other hoses. It covers a large area, which allows us to execute the procedures and processes in a systematic manner. We have installed sub-units in our contemporary infrastructure for production, research, quality checking and storing.

Lab Testing

Below we have mentioned a series of tests that are carried out on our manufactured Hoses such as polyvinyl chloride braided hoses and others:

  • Bursting Pressure Test : It is for ensuring good hose performance under pressure. It is also for hose grading depending on their working pressure ratings. We are producing hoses having Bursting pressure rating up to 170 kgf/sqcm
  • Low Temperature Flexibility Test : This is for testing the performance of the hoses, when they are installed and used in temperature ranging in the sub zero to - 10oC.  Hence, our hoses are applicable in all weather conditions, wherein unique models are perfect for use in extreme conditions.
  • Bending Radius Test : This test is for checking whether or not its cross section is collapsed upon bending in particular radius. This is important for ensuring an uninterrupted fluid flow.
  • Loss of Mass : This parameter is tested in the condition of exposure of hose to a heater chamber wherein the temperature is below 120oC for 24 continuous hours. This is essential for performance grading in terms of durability and weathering of hose.
  • Adhesion Test : This is useful to ensure suitable binding amid the layers of  reinforced Hoses. If hoses pass this test, they there will never be any separation of its inner and outer layers.

Apart from this, we are considered better than the others because of the following parameters:

  • Allow quality to precede the profits
  • Glitch free manufacturing processes
  • Habit of sourcing only the quality certified raw material
  • Working atmosphere is employee friendly and motivating
  • Spending more money to ensure perfection in all our hoses
  • Stay committed to the green initiative for better environment
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Business Type

Manufacturer , Exporter and Supplier