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Welding & Cutting Hoses
We are manufacturing welding and cutting hoses in a way that these are spatter resistant. The basic and salient features of these hoses remain intact even in condition where the larger spatters cools down on to it.
Spray Hose

We are designing and manufacturing Spray Hoses which are used for spraying in rock drilling, mining, and fire extinguishing. These hoses are also ideal for washing the vehicles wherein high pressure water is needed.

Sanitary Hoses

Having higher temperature stability, Sanitary Hoses, also called connector hoses, deliver excellent resistance against leakage. Their use is common in hand showers connectors. They also have excellent thermal stability. p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { }

PVC Braided Hose
You can contact us for the large quantities of PVC braided hoses. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Polyvinyl Chloride Braided Hoses that are used for the applications of drilling, welding, water and others.
PVC Tubes
You can checkout out our online selection of PVC Tubes that are commonly used in Plumbing applications in various industries. These tubes are ideal for transportation of drinking water and in fire-sprinkler systems.
PVC Medical Tubes
We are manufacturing PVC medical tubes that are made using by blending polyvinyl chloride with plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments. These tubes do not stretch or broke and are very easy to sterilize.
Rubber Air Water Hose
We offer synthetic rubber air water hose which is suitable for flowing of water or air wherein the pressure is over 10 kg/square centimeter. Couple of its features are good resistance against higher pressure and thermal stability.
Automobiles Hoses

Automobile hoses are essential parts that are essential to the effective operation of cars. They are made particularly to provide fluids to different components of the car's engine, cooling system, braking system, and other critical systems, including coolant, gasoline, and hydraulic fluids.

Water Hose

Water hoses are multipurpose instruments that may be used for many outdoor jobs. They provide a practical and effective technique to disperse water uniformly while watering plants, lawns, and gardens. They may also be used to wash automobiles and clean outdoor surfaces.


Sanitary Connector Hose

Sanitary connector hoses are specialist parts used in a wide range of hygienic and sanitary applications, notably in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetics sectors. These hoses are made to uphold the highest standards of hygiene, avoid contamination, and guarantee secure fluid and material transport in clean settings.